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The four big blacks

The BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe features the beautiful Friesian, Friesian Sport horse and other Baroque breeds. A few of our star performers were imported from Europe.  Keep an eye out for the iridescent WhitePearls of Arabian and American descent in our encore performances. The current tour incorporates 4 to 10 horses performing choreographed dances to beautiful music. Our brand of circensic dressage thrills audiences with Spanish walk, bow, rear, passage, piaffe, and laying down. 

Photograph taken by Patrick Fitzgerald

Why Friesians?

The Horse of Kings – The Friesian was an exemplary war horse, rare and beautiful, powerful and true, ridden into battle by such nobles as Don Juan of Austria and King Louis II of Hungary.  Originating in the Netherlands from Equus Robustus, the breed was further refined by the Andalusian horse during Spanish occupation in the 1500s.  The Friesian was highly praised for its talent in dressage.  During the 17th century, the Friesian horse was well represented at the various riding schools, especially in France and Spain, where the haut école of equitation was practiced. To this day the athleticism and gentle nature of the Friesian makes them a student-favored breed for high-school dressage.     

Feel the Power - Perhaps more than any other breed, the Friesian has illustrated his extreme versatility as a war horse, a light draft horse, a harness racing horse, a circus horse and of course, a modern dressage horse of unparalleled beauty and talent.  Known for an abundance of hair (manes can be in excess of 5 feet long), a lively and high-stepping trot, and a powerful, thundering canter, you will often “feel” the Friesian coming long before you see him!

Step Back in Time - Watching the Friesians perform, you will find yourself stepping back to ancient times and viewing one of the greatest war horses in action.  The Friesian brings about a primal memory of an ancient time where horses of grandeur were utilized to inspire awe, exemplify power, and an absolute sense of “one-ness” with their riders. One does not need to be a horse person to appreciate the beauty and presence of the Friesian and experience that awe inspiring beauty, power and presence for the first time.

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Holiday Open House
December 3rd, 2017
11am - 1pm

Northwest Horse Fair and Expo
March 23-25, 2018

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