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The BlackPearl Friesian Association is dedicated to serving our community by bringing Joy & Healing to both Horses & Humans alike through Equine Performance Art in events that contribute to and successfully support our local charities.

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Lukas Bardue - Performing Member,  Liberty & Trick Training Coach

Lukas Bardue Bio PicIt all began in 1983, when I was 3 years old in Anchorage, Alaska. That first time I was put on the little Shetland pony head to tail with the others on the pony rides, I was hooked. From that point on I would lie and sneak away to just feel that velvet nose, that warm moist breath, and the smell that could take you to another world. I even remember getting a whipping for sneaking away and riding someone’s horse in a field cause I lied about what I was doing. “It was worth it!”

Thirty years later I have managed, and was privileged, to run away and join a circus “Arabian Nights”, work at the Kentucky Horse Park, go to school for Equine Science, and travel the country.  I have had the privilege to work with some of the most distinguished trainers in the entertainment world like, Laura Amandis, Julius Van Yule, Tommy Turvey, Caroline Williams, and the late “Gaylord Maynard”.  I have also been fortunate to ride some of the top show horses in the country riding on the breed circuits, playing Polo, rodeos, and just having fun. That is what it is all about! Horses have enriched my life in so many ways, taken me to so many places, and brought so many important people in my life that I could never repay the debt I have to this creature. 

Meg Brinton DVM - Performing Member & President of the Board

Meg Brinton Profile PicMeg Brinton has been an avid horsewoman since junior high. Her grandfather raised thoroughbreds and even jockeyed his own horses. Although she never knew him, she believes her passion for horse came from him. Most of her life's work has been as an equine veterinarian and she owns Ridgefield Equine Clinic. Even though she loves all horses, through her work as a veterinarian she noticed the unique connection the Friesian horse has with humans. Because she has seen these horses create joy and healing she is very devoted to giving back by sharing these wonderful animals through equine performance art. She has been the president of the BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe for several years and was instrumental with the core group of founders in creating a non-profit. She also rides dressage at FEI level and performs with the BlackPearls. She is always looking for that special Friesian that could do both. Her Friesian, Jupiter is a cornerstone of the troupe and is one of the sweetest horses you will ever meet.

Peyton Burnett - Mini-Pearl & Associate Member

Peyton Burnett Profile PicHello. My name is Peyton, and I was born with a disability called Arthrogryposis. Basically, that means that my joints are frozen in odd angles. I don't have as much motion as other people, but I make it work. I have to walk with braces on my legs, and when the ground is uneven, I use a wheelchair. Over the span of my life, my family and I have come up with many different ways to work with my disability. Instead of using my hand to write, I use my mouth! In fact, I'm typing this on my iPad with my elbow!  

I first met the members of the BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe in March of 2012, about two weeks after I broke my hip. We were at the NW Horse Expo, in Albany Oregon. My mom and I went to one of the Pearl performances, and really enjoyed it. After the performance, we went to meet the horses. I, of course, was in my chair, so I was not expecting any horses to actually like me. I drove around, meeting all the horses and people, and then I met Jupiter. He put his head in my lap and from that point on we were buddies!! My mom and I have gone to Albany every year since then to visit with all of the wonderful BlackPearls!  

The members of the BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe are the most inspirational people I have ever met, and it is a privilege to be able to return that kindness as much as I can! They mean the world to me, and I don't know what I'd do without them.

Lauren Denyse Burrell - Performing Member & Vice President

Lauren and MazziLauren Denyse Burrell had her very own stable at the age of six albeit one built specially for Lauren by her dad for the bevy of Breyer Horses.  It wasn't long after that Missy trotted onto the scene, a mischievous Shetland pony, who taught Lauren how to ride even though they somehow they always ended up in the apple orchard, LOL. It was the love of this little bay which sparked the flame of equine passion in Lauren’s heart.  A flame that burned brightly during her early days in Connecticut, riding everyday after school at the Red Barn with her two best friends Lori and Windsor Spirit, Lauren's beautiful black mare. 

Days spent gaming, jumping, showing western pleasure with hours upon hours of trail riding were the joys of summer ~ winter too.  At college Lauren rode hunters, played a Chukker or two of Polo and was inspired to try dressage.  After graduation Lauren enjoyed a job which included traveling but unfortunately no horses.  However, once she made her home in the Pacific Northwest horses once again lit the flame.  Thanks to Dr. Meg J a beautiful bay thoroughbred mare, Kiltee, snuck in and stole her heart ~  ~ for seven years they played at jumping, western dressage, tried cow sorting and finally settled into dressage.  It was a wonderful dynamic learning partnership.

During this time Lauren met Susan McIntosh & Susan Dyer and their amazing black Friesian stallions. In 2009 Susan asked her if she would like to join the Pearls and ride Jupiter in a performance to benefit the Silver Buckle Ranch.  So began a new passion, equine performance art, baroque horses and bling. 

Lauren says: “Sharing these glorious horses with young and old alike ~ seeing the smiles of wonder ~ tears of joy ~ hearts brimming with love and dreams full of horses touches your very soul ~ I am living my dream, and truly BELIEVE if I can do it you can too! Hoof Beats to Hearts!!”

Judy Chamberlain - Associate Member

Judy Chamberlain Profile PicI was born and raised in Hertfordshire, England and immigrated to the US with my husband in 1989 (aged 25). My past with horses is diverse; I am a self-taught trail rider, who as a child would save up my pocket money so I could ride horses at the local barn. I often dreamed about owning one, but never thought it would really happen.... years later I fulfilled the dream.

About 9 years ago I had a tragic accident whilst trail riding at the base of Mount St Helens. After the injuries healed, I felt emotionally unready to ride again. So with much heartache I gave my horse to a good friend who would care for him in ways I could not.

After several years, my heart still yearned for a large 4-legged companion and so I plucked up the courage to try again. I found Eli, one of my current horses, our bond soon strengthened and I felt complete. But who doesn't want to say, "Yes, that beautiful black Friesian is mine"? So, the opportunity came for me to buy Hunter.

My reasons for joining the Pearls are many. I fell in love with the majesty, kindness and huge capacity for love that the Friesian horse possesses. Even though I don't ride Hunter myself during the shows, I love that he can still be involved with the troupe. There are also many ways for me to contribute as an affiliate (non performing) member, which is when I became involved with the costume/creative design committee. I have fun playing with fabrics and costume ideas and pretty much anything that sparkles. I have worked on the revamp of the carousel topper for last year's performance as well as a unique princess costume for the same act. I find it incredibly rewarding to see my creations bringing joy to so many.

We have a diverse group of talented riders whom I have enjoyed getting to know. Some I can identify closely with as they have been in similar situations to me physically and emotionally and have faced their fears and overcome them. The courage and determination it takes to get back in the saddle again and again (and some of us are not spring chickens anymore, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves!), is a constant reminder and demonstration of their strength and courage and an incredible source of inspiration. We all have our own unique challenges and confront them with the knowledge that, we have all been there, done that...etc. and know that a shoulder to cry on, a big hug or a high five is close by.

I am in awe of these ladies and of course their 4-legged companions! And I am proud to be part of the Black Pearl family. Such an amazing group of men and women whom I enjoy watching (from a distance), performing the sometimes life changing interactions between people, horses and their riders. I believe the greatest gift anyone can give another person, is their time and full attention - a connection.

Changing lives one horse at a time.

It feels good to share!

Lyn Cummings - Associate Member

Lyn Cummings Profile PicEver since I was old enough to know what a horse was, I wanted one. When I was four or five years old, I asked for a horse for my birthday. Imagine my disappointment, when what I received, was a stick horse with a plastic head.

However, several years later when I was 12 or 13 years old, my family did buy a horse. He was a chestnut Quarter Horse, named Tonto Willie. He was quite a stinker, but I loved that horse. I had him for several years until I graduated from high school and moved to Vancouver, Washington to attend Business College.

So began my many, many “horseless” years. I was busy working and raising a family and only rode occasionally. But, my love for horses never diminished. My younger sister, who was/is as horse-crazy as me, started attending the Washington Horse Expo. We went several years in a row and fell in love with the big, black Friesians.

I was blessed to be able to take an early retirement and started volunteering at a local stable for special needs children and adults. That is when I decided it was time to own a horse again. I bought a six year old Quarter Horse mare, named Jolie, four years ago, and continued riding and going to the Washington Horse Expo where my favorites were the big, black Friesians.

At the stable where I boarded Jolie, there were two women who belonged to the Black Pearls. I volunteered in 2014 to help the Pearls at the Horse Expo. It was very rewarding and exciting to be amongst these wonderful creatures and their riders. At the end of 2015 I joined the Pearls.

I am so excited to be a part of this group of lovely women and their gorgeous horses who bring joy wherever they go. 

Deb Hunt - Associate Member

Deb Hunt Profile PicDeb fell in love with horses at the early age of two...due to the fact that her parents shared their love of horses with their children.  Deb lives with her husband in Kalama, Washington with their two Tennessee Walkers, one Jackpot the donkey, and three mischievous yorkies.  She joined the BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe in February 2012, and assists them during events and performances.  Asked why she joined, "The BPFDT is a very unique and wonderful group of gals & guys, and most importantly I love how they share their love of horses with others...very cool!".

Erica Hurley - Performing Member

Erica Hurley Profile PicI have ridden horses off and on most of my life. 11 years ago my husband and I bought property so we could finally own and board our own horses. I recently bought my newest equine partner a 7 year old Andalusian gelding. As his training advances look for him in future performances. I have been blessed this last year to ride several of the BlackPearl Friesian horses during our practices and for dressage lessons. They are majestic and amazing animals.

I began volunteering with the BlackPearl Friesians 3 years ago at the Horse Expo. During these last years I have been amazed at the troupe’s dedication and love of the horses. I am honored this year to be a backup rider for several of the positions.

Katelynn Hurley - Junior Pearl

Katelynn Hurley Profile PicI am 14 years old and have been riding horses my entire life. I started lessons at the age of 4 and started showing at the age of 6. I have owned two amazing horses in my life. My first horse was a 16 hand Bay AQHA gelding named Free Toe Bandito. He took me around many arenas and trails. He passed away last year at the age of 30. The new love of my life is a 14’2 hand AQHA gelding names Texs Freckles. He and I travel together doing many different equine sports. We compete at gaming, barrel racing, have tried working equitation, trail ride and play at equitation western and English classes. He loves to travel with me and take on any new adventure.

I started volunteering with the BlackPearl Friesian’s 3 years ago with my mother. I love grooming the horses, braiding their long manes and tails. Helping the riding members get into their costumes for each performance. I am honored to be the first junior pearl to ride during our performances. I ride the handsome Friesian Jupiter. The members of the BlackPearl Friesians are my friends and mentors I am blessed to have them in my life.

Rachel Lusby - Performing Member

Rachel Lusby Profile PicRachel was born and raised in Portland, OR.  All her life she has wanted a horse, "it took until I was 45 years old to get my first horse, everyday I wake up and have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming.  Hawk is such a wonderful horse I feel like I have won the lottery! Being involved with the BlackPearls has made my life so full.  The experiences I have had in touching others with the love of the horse are beyond words."  

Mystie Munsey - Performing & Board Member

Mystie Munsey Profile PicMy journey with horses began on my tenth birthday when my dad surprised me with my first horse. It was not the lovely, gentle, palomino trail horse a neighbor had for sale.  She was a 'green broke’ mustang mare very lacking in training & manners.  Suffice it to say, I learned about horses through the school of hard knocks with 'Kizzy' as I educated myself through books, magazines & hands-on work. My father had her bred, and I raised and trained a half Arabian to ride. I became a fan of The Black Stallion books and grew into a romantic of the almighty equine. Over time, a desire to pursue horse racing ensued, and I became an exercise rider galloping thoroughbreds for many years.  Currently, I enjoy my own horse, an eight year old Hanoverian gelding, Denali, & have the pleasure and honor of riding another BlackPearl's (Judy Chamberlain's) full Friesian gelding, Hunter, in our performances. 

Karen Rinquist - Performing Member & Treasurer

Karen Ringquist Profile Pic

Well-established Certified Public Accountant by weekday, adventure-junkie whenever she can cut free, Karen Ringquist balances her life of detail and accuracy at her computer screen with hobbies that require no less precision but produce a rush of adrenaline. White-water rafting and kayaking, mountaineering and hiking, cycling, and Ironman triathlons; Karen fills her life with sports that require skill, strength, endurance, and obviously, determination.

In her quest for new adventures, Karen started riding lessons in 2007 at age 40, a long time to wait for a woman who has been horse-crazy since before she could crawl.  Combining her passions for horses and the outdoors, she initially focused on trail riding and alpine horse camping.

Karen purchased Cavalli as a five year old former halter champion in 2011. After trail rides and getting to know each other, she realized that her beautiful grey Arabian enjoys performing tricks. Following her horse’s cue, she found Lukas Bardue, who has been the driving force teaching Cavalli and Karen the art of liberty.

Performing seems to be in Cavalli’s genetic makeup, so he and Karen are together learning the art of dressage riding. Cavalli has performed his liberty act at BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe events, and Karen and he officially joined the troupe in 2013. Both horse and rider are thrilled to be a part of this talented group who give so much, to each other, and the community

Bev Ryan - Associate Member & Secretary

Bev Ryan Profile Pic

Horses seemed to be a part of my life before I realized how important to me they really were. I love the old westerns and loved watching the horses in the movies; of course Trigger was one of my favorites. There was a gentleman who would walk around our neighborhood and take your picture sitting on a pony for money. It was probably the first experience I had sitting on top of a horse. I remember going to a rodeo with my parents when I was 6 and each person was given a raffle ticket for a chance to win a white pony. I really wanted that pony. My ticket was one away from the winner. As a teenager I had friends who had horses and rode with them. I bought both my kids horses when they were young and would ride them on the levees in New Orleans.

Horses became “real” to me as an older adult. Once the kids left home I purchased an older appaloosa mare who I trail rode. Someone told me about endurance riding, which sounded like so much fun and a very good excuse to stay 12 or more hours in the saddle and with my horse. I rode endurance, on Arabs and half Arabs, competitively for 11 years and loved every minute of it. I even loved the times I came in crying from all the pain I felt from 75 miles in a bad fitting saddle (I don’t have to imagine how a horse feels in a saddle that doesn’t fit). The BlackPearls inspire me. I see the same love, care and desire in the members of this troupe, with their horses, as I saw and felt while endurance riding.

Michelle Tibbles - Performing Member

Michelle Tibbles Profile Pic

Born in Monterey CA, moving to Germany shortly there after, until the age of 3, then TX, and finally settling, in Western Washington state. I have always have had an affinity to horses. My Dad encouraged my dream, and purchased a 2-year-old appendix AQHA for me at the age of 11. That was the start of a life long love of horses.

Since then I was immersed with American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and Arabians. Ten years ago I fell in love with the Baroque Horse. My passion for both the Gypsy Horse and the Friesian breed took root, which I cultivate, at Misty Valley Farm, in Castle Rock Washington. Today, I currently raise and show Gypsy and Friesian horses.

After meeting some of the BlackPearl Girls, I found a group of like-minded, generous and positive people, who have helped me, start on another amazing life adventure, along with the equines that have always owned my heart.

Jessica Wisdom - Coach, Performing Member & Board Member

Jessica Wisdom Profile Pic

Jessica Wisdom was born in Virginia and raised all over the world. Her military family moved a lot and change was constant, but her love for horses never wavered. She worked for rides at a military stable in CA and after several years, was given her first horse. One turned into many and eventually turned into her life's passion.. Now a 20 year veteran of the industry, she teaches, trains and show full time as well as standing her riding partner, North Forks Cardi whom she trained from Training level all the way to winning National and CDI championships at the Grand Prix level.

Jessica coaches several of the Pearls who are working to improve their dressage skills and her and "Brown Pearl" Cardi join in the performances when needed. She enjoys being part of the Troupe's efforts to share the magic of horses to the community.

Linda Wood - Performing Member & Drill Coach

Linda Wood Profile Pic

Linda Wood was born and raised as a "country girl" in the Vancouver, Washington area.  Starting at an early age, dogs, cats, chickens, cows & horses have been a part of her life.  Taking care of her horses, and riding them, has always been a passion of love.   As a young girl, riding horses was her favorite thing to do.   Gaming events and 4-H activities created a "Yee Haw", and "hang-on" cowgirl attitude.  Linda's first exposure to equestrian drill team riding was with the Clover Crest 4-H Club, which is still in existence today.  Then, as an adult, in 1995 she began riding equestrian drill performances on a competitive level with an outstanding drill team from Clark County, WA.   The team traveled to many drill competitions in Washington, Oregon, Reno, Nevada, and to the Equidance 2000 competition in Calgary, Alberta BC.

After 15 successful & wonderful years of lifetime memories and friendships, she decided in 2010 it was time to try something different with her horses.  So, with the encouragement of Meg Brinton and Jessica Wisdom, she decided to start the long process (on-going) of taking dressage lessons, which has opened her eyes to another world of riding.  Through this new venture, she has had the pleasure and privilege of meeting the BlackPearl members, and their gorgeous Friesians.  On the first day she met Susan McIntosh and Susan DeBoer, they allowed her to fulfill a lifetime dream of being able to ride a Friesian.   That special day made her realize that even though she does not own a Friesian, she wanted to be a part of the BlackPearl group.  So, in the early part of 2012, she started to help out as one of many "ground crew" helpers to the Pearl Girls at their events. 

The Black Pearl ladies are genuinely a great group of women who open their hearts, and share their magnificent horses for the enjoyment of others. “When you see the smiles on the faces of the elderly, the children, and all the people, it is a heartwarming experience knowing you touched their lives by sharing the gift, and blessings of the Friesian horse.  The gentleness and beauty of the magnificent Friesians can leave a person speechless.” 

Jennifer Wise - Performing Member & Board Member

Brock Halladay - Associate Member & Board Member

Grace Safranski - Performing Member

Elena Tipikin - Performing Member

Kira Tipikin - Performing Member

Tayna Masters  - Performing Member

Jordan Klein - Associate Member

Jetski Bodeski - Associate Member

Maureen Linker - Associate Member

Kim Downing - Associate Member


The Horses

SA Cavalli

SA Cavalli is a purebred gray Arabian gelding foaled on May 6, 2006. His bloodlines include double national champion Gai Parada and he is himself a former halter champion. Performing is part of Cavalli's genetic makeup. His bag of trick includes rearing, bowing, and his liberty dance. He is currently learning the art of dressage.        


Wisse (pronounced Visa) was foaled in the Netherlands on October 5, 2007. His registered name is Wisse Fan 'E Hurddraversdyk, and he is a purebred Friesian gelding. Wisse was imported to the United States in October of 2014 to continue his dressage career. Wisse's introduction to the BlackPearls came in July 2015. He brings his dressage talents to the troupe with an impressive sweeping gate. While continuing his dressage training, Wisse is learning new tricks to share at his next performance.    


 Hawk is a Friesian Sport Horse (3/4 Friesian/PHA QH cross) with a look at me attitude and personality to match.  He is currently 8 years old and has been with the BlackPearls for 4 years.  Hawk really enjoys visiting with people at the shows and tolerates his mom Rachel often dressing him up in all kinds of crazy costume stuff usually involving glitter.  "the glitter is not so bad, it's when my mom paints wings on me that I have to take a deep breath and ask for more treats"  


Jupiter was born in 1995 in the United States. Jupiter embodies everything that makes Friesian's Friesian. While he is big and strong with the ground thundering under him he is also gentle and kind. He touches people to their very soul. He was a stallion until late in life and still very much thinks he is. He's fully trick trained with his favorite trick being the Spanish walk. He has a special affinity for persons in need whether it be physical or mental. At our events we often find somebody snuggling with him having their own private conversation. He is considered a cornerstone performer in the troupe. Jupiter, whose name means "king of the Gods”, is proudly owned by Dr. Meg Brinton and Charlotte Lien-Dickerson.


Hi, my name is Jille!!  Some call me Jille Bean, and some call me Jille Girl, but, my formal registered name under the International Drum Horse Association is "SNG Jille".

Many of my ancestors originated in the United Kingdom.  In 1996, the first Drum, and Gypsy Cobs & Gypsy Vanners were imported into the United States. The world became a better place when I was born on May 20th 2008 in the state of Washington, USA.  My sire was BSG Taliesin.  My Dam was BSG Skye.

I am a proper Drum horse: Black and White Piebald in color, with brown eyes.  I have lots of hair, with a very thick mane and tail, and "feathers" on my legs.  I stand 15.1 hands tall.  Being a lady, I don't want to tell you how much I weigh.  I can only tell you that I am built strong enough to carry around 400 pounds on my back.  I am also designed to pull wagons, or vardos like my Romany ancestors did for many years past. 

Being a "Drum" horse, my shoulders and withers are also built to carry the big kettledrums used to entertain the Queen of Great Britain in the parades, and other countries too.  While the rider is drumming the kettles, he steers me with the reins of the bridle attached to the stirrups of the saddle.  Good that I have a calm and cool personality.

I love getting attention from people, especially children.  I am very calm, very kind, and sweet.  That is why I get invited to events that allow children to pet me, and love on me.  I have had training in the discipline of dressage, which is an ongoing challenge for my size.  Kind of like an elephant trying to be a ballerina.  I also ride with Western attire too, especially when my owner takes me trail riding, and camping with my friends.

My fancy side of my life is being a part of the performances, and events with the BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe.  The Big Black Friesian horses love us "Gypsy" horses, because we flirt with them.       


 My name is Hunter.  I am 14 year old gelded Friesian.  I was born in Holland and came to America when I was 8.  I am a goof ball with a kind heart and love to eat everything!  My mother, Judy, keeps me well fed and gives me lots of kisses and sometimes takes me on trail rides.  

I became a Black Pearl in Spring of 2015.  Mystie is my show rider.  Sometimes when she is riding, I like to see if she is paying attention, she always is.  I have fun running around with my Pearl friends and playing dress up, especially when there is a camera involved.  My pretty black coat and long mane and tail look great in our recent 'fog' photo shoot. Just sayin!

Life is pretty swell being a Black Pearl Friesian.


Lacey (registered name “Leather N Lace”), Is an 8 year old, Gypsy Horse Mare.  She is a registry graded Model Mare, scoring high honors in Conformation, Breed Type, Temperament, Movement, and trainability, both in hand and under saddle.  She is one of only 7 Model Mares in the USA.  She earned the honor of National Champion Gypsy Horse Mare, in 2012.  She also has proven herself as a winning dressage mare.  

Lacey has produced 3 outstanding fillies, who are also making their marks in the breed: Misty Valley Olivia, Misty Valley Meachala, and Misty Valley Silver legacy.

Lacey is an Easy going, smart, sensitive and athletic girl, who loves her people.  Lacey is loving her newest adventure, as a member of the Black Pearls…stay tuned as she writes her next chapter.


North Forks Cardi is a 2001 Welsh Cob stallion, standing a proud 14.3 AND ONE HALF hands.  Truly the "little horse that could", Cardi and his rider Jessica Wisdom have proven that "size doesn't matter" when they won the USDF National Championship for the Grand Prix Freestyle.  Together, they went from Training level to scoring wins in International competitions together, trying their hand at jumping, and even some cow penning.  He is a “once in a lifetime guy” that passes on his generous character, athletic ability, and pony "style" to his offspring.  Cardi loves competing, especially the musical freestyles and exhibitions, because he loves showing off for a crowd - the bigger, the better!!   Cardi, the BrownPearl, joins the BlackPearls for performances when needed and loves sharing the spotlight with the Friesians.

Varekai, Friesian Stallion






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